So what is Hopeford?


Good question.

Hopeford Inc wants to help you and your business be awesome.  We are based in Brooklyn, New York and work with clients all over the world. It's amazing what you can achieve across borders with a video call. 😎

We work with people and businesses that have cool things in mind, who need a little help getting to the next point. We specialize in facilitating the creation of business and marketing strategies that work for you, within your budget, your schedule AND get you the most bang for your buck.

We help you create strategies and road maps that are executable, efficient and effective.

Your business CAN reach those customers. Your business CAN scale. Your idea CAN become something real. Professional messaging and a fantastic website don't have to be expensive. Your social media strategy shouldn't consist of quickly popping up a photo on insta when you remember it or agonizing for hours over what to post on Facebook. Your admin tasks shouldn't be a mad rush at the end of the month, juggling ten excel spreadsheets. 

It doesn't have to be that hard or even boring. Let us help you make it more awesome.


Key Services

  • Business Strategy and Planning

  • Business Development Consulting

  • Concepting and Feasibility Facilitation

  • Business Model Facilitation

  • Marketing Strategy and Planning

  • Social Media Strategy and Planning

  • Web Design and Build on Squarespace

  • Branding, Naming and Identity Creation

  • Streamlining Workflow and Task Automation


Favorite Tools


One of the most important tasks when working with new clients is to examine the situation at hand and then decide which tools can be implemented. When our goal is to maximize potential without breaking the bank and to ensure that our clients are able to execute the plan within the constraints of their busy lives, these tools are what makes the difference. Here is a list of some of our favorites:

  • Squarespace : for beautiful sites with a ton of customizability that are functional, inexpensive AND easy to maintain, even when you're not a web wiz.

  • Strategyzer : Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas - no one wants to write a 40 page business plan and even less people want to actually read it. The tools from Strategyzer let you map out your idea or your existing business then strive for growth or product/market fit.

  • Slack : because when you are trying to collaborate, disparate email threads are the first place for miscommunication to occur. Have your conversation in one thread, searchable.

  • Google Drive : No more sending Word docs around in email only to find out you don't have the latest version. Store all of your working docs in Drive, edit the same doc at the same time, always know you are looking at the latest version. Brilliant.

  • Zapier : Our goal is to automate as many tasks as possible for our clients. Automation saves you time every day and triggered actions can close the gap on lost opportunities. Zapier is a very handy tool that has built integrations between hundreds of applications and software.

  • Typeform: If you use forms or surveys, Typeform is a truly beautiful platform. Your customers and clients will be blown away by the professionalism and beauty of your forms and your team will love checking results and doing analysis.

  • Acuity Scheduling: A great tool that easily integrates with whatever you are using right now - embeds into your site, two-way connection to your calendar, Stripe for payments.

  • Shift: An email client for desktop that finally gets your gmail accounts out of your browser. We connect work and personal email accounts and easily toggle between them and your calendar.