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Check out some of the projects we've been working on with some completely brilliant people who astound us every day with their drive and humility. 💪

Our main objective is to help our clients reach their full potential by creating a strategy that works for them, within their budget and their schedule. The strategy should be painless to execute and maximize the potential of the resources used.  

When you run a small business, or have multiple jobs, you need to make sure that every minute in your day is used effectively. Why maintain a Pinterest page when that isn't relevant to your business and your clients? Why try to write a blog if the thought of that bores you to tears? And most of all, what is the purpose of that activity? If you can't answer that, let it go.

We have helped our clients with naming and branding, strategic mapping, concept testing, social media strategy and execution plans, websites that we have designed and built, scaling their businesses, bringing a business to market, getting out of a rut and business development.

We've published some brief case studies of some of our favorite projects to show the process undertaken and the results.

Grace Brown Fitness


The Client: Grace Brown Fitness, Personal Training and Strength Coaching in London

The Brief: Help scaling her business

How Hopeford helped:

  • Mapping of current & future business models

  • Identified future clients and value proposition, potential partners

  • Extensive Research into time saving, effort minimizing, output maximizing process tweaks

  • Identified steps to get there, which start with:

    • New interim website that is beautiful, effective and easy for Grace to manage herself

    • Social media strategy and execution plan to build brand

  • Worked out what is feasible for Grace to do within her busy schedule and what types of things she actually enjoys doing. For example - writing blog posts is boring, so let's do tips and tricks in bite sized formats that enliven and link her social and website platforms

  • Also, Snapchat and Pinterest? No thanks. Not at the moment.

Results: New website live & Social Strategy Phase 1 live! Increase in traffic and followers. Content Phase 2 rolling out soon. Watch this space for Grace's next exciting steps to take shape, this is only the beginning.  

In the meantime, if you live in London and want to get your tired muscles moving, head to

King Performance


The Client: Rondel King, personal trainer, athletic and lifestyle coach

The Brief: Launch independent Personal Training and Lifestyle Coaching business and attract the attention of  industry specialists.

How Hopeford helped:

  • Goal mapping, defining mission, identifying customers

  • Define steps to get to the ultimate goal, which have started with:

    • Naming

    • Created a brand identity

    • Designed and built a website

    • Extensively researched the tools available to personal trainers to manage their business

Results: He is now the proud owner of his own business and working with renowned hospitals as a specialist.

P.S if you live in New York and you're too stressed to work out, check out 

Strategy Umwelt


Mat isn't just a pretty face, he also knows a lot of stuff. He wanted to create a space online to talk about and analyze all things related to advertising,  start ups and culture.

Blogs are dime a dozen these days, so we took the time to extensively research the good, the bad and the ugly and learn what others are getting right and what they're getting wrong (Answer: Lots).

So we set out to create a structure that feels new, different and serves as a source of information for its readers and encourages discussion without anonymous trolling. 

This one is still in progress and we can't wait to get it live. Watch this space!